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Brian Lucky

Brian Lucky

Heading into the 2020s, will you trailblaze promotional innovations... or get outdistanced by your competitors?

Tourism operators understand the promotional benefit of being featured in movies and television. Thirty-one years after the release of Jews: The Revenge, “Jaws Beach” on New Providence Island still attracts visitors who seek the afterglow of Hollywood stardom. The same goes for “Thunderball” Grotto in Exuma Cays, named after the 1965 Bond film, as well as several other Bahamian attractions.

But have leaders in the industry adjusted to the present era of cord-cutting? Cable TV subscriptions peaked in 2012 and have fallen every year since then. Annually, millions of households cancel their cable subscriptions and turn to independent, largely semi-professional, providers of online entertainment.

Erika Lucky on the southern coast of New Providence Island
Erika Lucky on the southern coast of New Providence Island

For a growing portion of younger generations, there exists no thrill in the prospect of passively waiting on the couch or in the cinema seat.  They are seizing the potential afforded by the breadth of the internet, consuming entertainment and information focused on specific niches: narrow fields of interest that suit their whim or passion.  

Paradise Harbour, view from Montagu Beach
Paradise Harbour (view from Montagu Beach)
Fort Montagu- a four-cannon fort (1741)
Paradise Harbour Club & Marina

This is the defining characteristic of the new mode of media consumption: curiosity expands and contracts in response to the available content. Prior to video publication, 500,000 viewers had never demanded to watch two Westerners cross Northern China on motorcycle. Hundreds of thousands of viewers had never insisted on watching a young man from Chicago shoot an AK-47 at a range in Ukraine. And yet, subsequent the uploading of well-prepared, semi-professional content, viewers quickly flocked around to see those scenarios.

The Bahamas

In other words, if you doubt the value of innovative online promotional entertainment because no one ever asked you for it, you’ve already missed the (show) boat.

In this new media world of independent sources of entertainment and information, tourism operators need not compete for a passing reference or a fleeting glimpse in the traditional media; rather, they can partner with independent innovators of the new ecosystem for deep and enduring consumer engagement.  They need to forge new cognitive frameworks and best practices to connect with the younger, discriminating audience that seeks deep-dives, appealing personalities and novel formats.

Lorna Lucky; Jaws Beach, New Providence, The Bahamas
Erika Lucky; Jaws Beach, New Providence, The Bahamas

This site,, will add value to tourism products by facilitating tourists’ decision-making, allowing them to choose destinations they have seen and learned about through the site’s entertainment content.  Best of all, the site boasts reasonable production costs despite an enormous, enduring structural advantage: its intuitive ultra-premium identity.  Here is a partial enumeration of the site’s advantages over any competitors that might emerge in the sector of entertainment-focused Bahamian promotions:

  •  Already-elaborated, original outlines for online tourism-promoting video entertainment: content that incorporates family-friendly news, competitions, adventure documentaries and interviews.
  • The only exact-match address for The Bahamas (registered in 1995; recent acquisition by the Lucky Family): prestige that greatly facilitates word-of-mouth and memorability. It grants instant credibility, in conjunction with a manifest commitment to excellence.
  •  Lucky Family star power: 
  • Compelling personal story: Through her own personal strength and courage, Lorna Lucky (née Kayitesi) went from Rwandan Tutsi refugee and childhood homelessness to television journalist, hospitality leader and philanthropist.
  • Outgoing, beautiful children with genius-level psychological evaluations and experience in dramatic productions.
  • International and multi-ethnic familial identity, characterized by competencies in seven languages: appeals to virtually every demographic composing the clientèle in The Bahamas.
  • Mastery of video editing, site design and composition of prose.
  • Trusted: nursing, the profession of Brian Lucky MSN RN, is the most trusted profession among North Americans.
  • Demonstrable outcomes in social media, with existing followers of approximately 140,000 
  • Breakdown of social media following: 135,000 followers are located in Latin America and follow us at the page linked with, a domain that redirects to and boosts  Several thousand followers, who are incredibly engaged and enthusiastic, also follow us at the English-language page linked with itself.

The Lucky Family has a decades-long vision for the development of  

Please, email me, Brian Lucky, and we can immediately discuss how can offer innovative online entertainment to promote your Bahamian tourism destination or business.  

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