5 reasons The Bahamas needed this online tourism magazine

Brian Lucky

Brian Lucky


28 December 2018

5. No one else is doing it

Despite an extensive internet search, this author was unable to locate any tourism magazine specific to The Bahamas. In fact, hardly any magazines exist at all — tourism-related or not. The closest thing to a Bahamian magazine is elife242.com, which is clearly intended for a local readership. (The URL bar in the Chrome browser marks elife242.com as “not secure,” although getting a security certificate takes less than ten minutes and represents an amateur-level challenge.) There are also a couple of simulacra of magazines connected with Bahamian real estate, but the most recent publication dates from 2017.

Southern coast of Nassau, The Bahamas
Salt Life: Erika Lucky, New Providence Island, The Bahamas

4. Pressing economic need

The 13-billion-dollar Bahamian gross domestic product is based on tourism, an industry that depends on effective communication and promotion. Magazines offer up-to-date, in-depth information linked with narrow topics. In addition, they contain substantial archives that are visible via internet searches or their respective sites. Thus, magazines fulfill a key commercial purpose separate from newspapers and tourism guides.

Newspapers deal with crime and politics and serve little promotional purpose. Tourism guides offer superficial, general content for the uninitiated. When this broad information changes, the guide is modified, so there is no substantial archive. For those already relatively familiar with a destination, a guide can seem stagnant and boring. For the inquisitive, the wafer-thin depth of a guide is insufficient.

Sunset near Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas
Sun, sand, and Sky; Paradise Island, The Bahamas
"Sun, sand & sky" at Paradise Island, The Bahamas

3. Rapidly-changing tourism products

Thanks to its boom of recent years, tourism in The Bahamas is seeing hundreds of new constructions, renovations and experiences. The growth and changes are way beyond any existing site’s ability to keep up; indeed, even the best online magazine would struggle to cover all of the exciting recent developments.

Making do without a tourism magazine, which is the status quo, visitors may have some awareness of certain resorts or activities, but no holistic perception of the transformation and development of The Bahamas as the premier country destination. The Bahamas (the site) will spotlight the overarching story of the country and its attractions, maintaining a distinctive Bahamian focus as a prerequisite to selecting particular tourism products.

Brian Lucky having fun with two of his children in The Bahamas
Brian Lucky with two of his children, Nassau
A sunset on Grand Bahama, near Freeport
Sunset near Freeport, Grand Bahama

2. Maintain guest engagement

After tourists have already visited or selected The Bahamas, other destinations aggressively compete for their attention and subsequent travels. As mentioned above, superficial guides do not maintain attention or generate a consistent readership base. In contrast, this magazine provides readers with in-depth coverage of exciting developments in the tourism sector. As an additional point of interest, the site offers a human element: the Lucky family’s own discovery and enjoyment of the best that The Bahamas has to offer.

Clear waters of paradise; New Providence, The Bahamas
The Caves; Nassau, The Bahamas

1. What's in a name?

As this author can attest, trying to remember a new name is a bothersome chore and a surprisingly-difficult task in the busy world of today. It requires commitment, mental associations, or memory tricks. The Bahamas; with its intuitive, ultra-premium identity; relieves visitors of this hurdle and allows them to focus on Bahamian tourism products. A million-dollar domain also helps generate enthusiasm among other stakeholders, starting with this author. When combined with excellent quality, it creates tremendous marketing momentum.

Takoda & Erika Lucky enjoying a paddleboat excursion
Erika & Takoda on a scenic bridge