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Sunrise in Grand Bahama
The Crystal Clear Water of Paradise Island

Tourism Promotion for The Bahamas

Brian  Lucky   MSN RN invites you to discover the natural and cultural beauty of The Bahamas, a sovereign nation comprised of 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, with sea and land territory amounting to 470,000 km2.  This online tourism magazine explores topics of interest both to visitors and to Bahamians.  Please note that “The Bahamas” is the official and commonly-used short form of the country name.

Claimed and registered in May 1995, at the dawn of the Internet, The Bahamas was mismanaged and unexploited until December 2016, when I purchased the domain name from the previous registrant, who clearly had limited awareness of its value and potential.  This year, 2017, the site is beginning to assume its place as leader in promotion of the destination The Bahamas.

Aside from producing, I am a masters-prepared registered nurse. This site and its accompanying social media campaign were achieved with a shoestring budget, enabling me to provide low-cost, high-effectiveness promotion benefiting citizens and stakeholders in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Combining Innovation and Dedication

That tourism-related content constitutes the major thrust of The Bahamas is predictable, given that this sector is the most important element for the Bahamian economy and job creation. Moreover, the internet serves as a major driver for promoting arrivals, and the domain name represents arguably the best possible address for showcasing the assets and opportunities in this independent archipelago.

What are the guiding principles of The Bahamas?  Quality and in-depth treatment of every topic discussed.  Each page has unique video, lots of beautiful photos, and several high-quality, informative paragraphs.

It will take time to publish stories on every island and every topic related to tourism.  As the site matures and offers an increasingly wide variety of articles, the “tourism” section will be divided into Nassau, Grand Bahama, and Family Islands.

Rather than rush to publish unsubstantial content about a multitude of subjects, this site insists that every single page be detailed and high-quality.

Nassau, The Bahamas
Government House
Tropical flowers || Paradise Island, The Bahamas

The Crucial Niche of is not the first site that shares content related to tourism in The Bahamas.  However, while the other sites seek to cover all possible subjects and places simultaneously at a shallow level, as a quick reference or brief guide, this site provides in-depth descriptions of specific topics.  Thus, The Bahamas stands alone as the only tourism magazine where every page boasts detailed content incorporating video, photos, and well-written text.

In addition, does not passively wait for users to initiate relevant search engine queries; on the contrary, a multi-pronged communications campaign engages readers and maintains interest through a vigorous social media presence, notably via the Facebook page of The Bahamas.