Intro to Harbour Island

Historic Charm of Dunmore Town

Dunmore Town, population 1,775, is the only locality in Harbour Island, which finds itself just northeast of the larger island of Eleuthera.  This area saw the first permanent settlement of Europeans in The Bahamas, with the arrival of puritans in the mid-1600s.  

harbour island, dunmore, The Bahamas

After an initial period of famine and starvation, aid arrived from New England puritans, allowing the settlers to survive through this early period of difficulties.  Then, following the British defeat in the American Revolution, many loyalists from the southern colonies migrated to the area.

Today the visitor can still sense this heritage by looking at the architecture of the quaint cottages of the island.  The steeply pitched roofs of historic cottages may work well for unloading snow in northern regions, but are not best for resisting hurricane winds.

Beautiful Pink Sand

A variety of tourism magazines have rated Harbour Island’s eastern shore as the best beach in the world.  The three-mile long beach is noted for its pure and fine salmon-colored sand.  Its constituent granules are composed of tiny particles of coral, seashells, and calcium from marine invertebrates.  The principle pink pigment accounting for the rosé coloration derives from calcareous shells secreted by foraminifera amoeboid protists.