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New focus caters to fanatics about The Bahamas

Brian Lucky

Brian Lucky

In 2019, The Bahamas will continue to emerge as a resource for aficionados  of tourism destinations and experiences in The Bahamas.  For those who need to be up-to-speed on the latest developments and the most exciting events, The Bahamas constitutes the ideal online magazine.

December 26, 2018

The Bahamas fills a critical gap in the sector of online content promoting The Bahamas.  Other sites adequately provide bookings or general, superficial information for people  unfamiliar with the 700 Bahamian islands.  So The Bahamas specifically targets the 30% of visitors who frequently come — the aficionados — who require the latest, in-depth updates on what’s thrilling and new.  (To top off its appeal, the site has personality and its own narrative: the experiences and partnerships of the Lucky Family.)  To reflect this niche, moving in to 2019, the site sports a new title: The Bahamas – Tourism Events, Entertainment and News.  

Paradise Island, The Bahamas
Face painting, Salt Cay, The Bahamas
Takoda Lucky, Salt Cay, The Bahamas

So The Bahamas has a niche where it provides a needed, authoritative voice.  In addition to its specific target audience, it has an initial geographic focus: the Out Islands of The Bahamas.  Having a more narrow concentration grants the project a local strength in a specific area, as opposed to weak and dissipated treatment of all subjects in all islands.  This initial strategy is consistent with future vertical and horizontal development: building out opportunities under this rubric as well as expansion into other market segments.

Sand Dunes near Love Beach, Nassau, The Bahamas
Sand Dunes, Love Beach, The Bahamas
Swimming pool, Nassau, The Bahamas
Brian Lucky with Erika & Takoda, The Bahamas

Specifically, what is the business model of The Bahamas?  As a double-sided market within the tourism industry, the site requires a sophisticated scheme to balance the needs of two distinct sets of stakeholders: consumers and owners of Bahamian tourism products.  Thanks to the quality of the site’s design and content, in conjunction with the visibility of its name, The Bahamas constitutes an intuitive lieu de rencontre for these stakeholders to come together.

The Bahamas

Site visitors are happy to utilize an ultra-premium address that obviates the need for any mental effort to remember the URL.  They get accurate, in-depth, up-to-date content they enables them to make informed decisions pertaining to travel and leisure.  Since it’s also free, it’s a good deal for them.  Owners of tourism products also have a great opportunity: to show off new features, services and programs and connect with a loyal and engaged cohort of consumers.  Because the Lucky Family has an extremely long-term vision for The Bahamas  aiming to boost utilization and to remove barriers  they currently offer owners the chance to promote their destinations at little cost or no cost. 

Erika and Takoda Lucky praying and singing

In late February and March of 2019, Brian and Lorna Lucky will be traveling around Grand Bahama, making well-edited promotional videos and expanding visibility on YouTube, subsequent obtaining hundreds of thousands of followers on other social media sites.  In addition, the pair will be introducing their business to actors in the tourism industry.  Specifically, the pair will delineate how, as outlined above, the site enables aficionados to learn about the newest and most exciting events and innovations.  Well-informed, enthusiastic visitors can avoid missing out on any of the fun, while tourism operators excited about sharing the news about their product will find eager partners in the Lucky Family.

The Bahamas

Please, email me, Brian Lucky, and we can immediately discuss how promote your Bahamian tourism destination or business.  

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